Your birthday approaching and are you eager to discover your gift? Here is your next birthday present according to your sign.

1. Aries:
A gift that will mark your spirit. Impassioned and impulsive, we will offer you a silver jewel or a collector’s item.
2. Taurus:
Less is more. Simplicity above all, your loved ones will opt for a scarf or a good bottle.
3. Gemini:
A fun gift. A game, a humorous mug … as long as you can burst with it, any gift will do!
4. Cancer:
A so cute gift. You will receive with joy a box of chocolates or a small jewel.
5. Leo:
A gift that throws. Your loved ones know that you love everything that glitters: expect a gold chain or a pair of sequined pumps.
6. Virgo:
A watch. To better manage your time.

7. Libra:
A romantic gift. Crystal glasses, silk sheets … it’s a dream.
8. Scorpio:
An intense gift. A box of dark chocolates, a beautiful coat.
9. Sagittarius:
An invitation to travel. A photo album, an atlas or a dream destination for the weekend.
10. Capricorn:
A useful gift. Office furniture or a plant in a glass decor. As much as the useful is nice!
11. Aquarius:
An original gift. A funny gadget or a heating pad will make you happy.
12. Pisces:
A creative gift. You will have the pleasure of receiving a bath oil or a fantastic novel.