The Youngest Princess & Prince In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Youngest Princess & Prince In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Youngest Princess & Prince In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Youngest Princess & Prince In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The younger princess and prince some Materials in this video may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 once upon a time there was a king who had eight sons four beautiful princes and four beautiful princesses the king was proud of them but wanted them to I can’t marry my children, he thought for a moment and then looked at his hand no father or dear daughter tell me what I have to do the princess was puzzled to come on.

I have something to tell you all dear children it seems that I have contracted a terrible disease

I have something to tell you all dear children it seems that I have contracted a terrible disease of course so I have decided that I must marry everyone you have for your future I do not want you to stay good alone princes and princesses looked at each other or had no desire to get married and the younger brothers Julia and Robert were very unhappy with this news is already annoying again Yes, we can do the next day the king looked for couples throughout the kingdom to your children father I want to get married baby I may not live long please you gotta do it for me and at last the princes and princesses accepted their fates.

The king was talking to Julia and Robert before the king could open Julia mouth began to speak yellow father no we want to marry no one we want to choose our partners ourselves but dear you two are very young but we want to know if we can manage on our own because it’s our lives we shouldn’t choose who to spend with our lives a hundred father grief but we will go and choose our couples, do not worry about me, I feel that my disease is getting worse by the minute and I don’t think that works father not to do what you want but then do not come crying to me when life is complicated and everything is very hard for you.


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That is not going to happen and so they left the palace leaving the king a little worried and my poor little children of them I hope to be alive until come back soon the two of them came to another kingdom and tried to look for work but were unsuccessful after wandering around and trying for a long time they finally entered an inn, excuse me, ma’am, I’m a traveling doctor would have some work for us why do I want a long doctor? I need please I’m not just a doctor I can also do other things like you know how to cook I need someone in the kitchen to cook so I can cook clean whatever is good then you have a job and my brother yes he doesn’t work here neither do I okay I guess.

I work very hard the innkeeper saw how good Robert was and gave him the job

We’ll find something juliá I work very hard the innkeeper saw how good Robert was and gave him the job of manager one day they heard a conversation about prince Andrew in which he was said to have been ill for a long time he seems to have strange boils on his body and it seems that No one has been able to cure him Julia heard that and turned to Roberto Abe listen yes neem leaves could cure the prince’s disease that is great let’s go find those sheets right away I know where they grow they went to a tree and tore some of its leaves. They took them home and Giulia crushed them and made an infusion we must take this to the prince.

But as they take them and disguised as a messenger so that they do not recognize the next day Julia went to the prince’s palace carrying the neem infusion she told Andrew all about infusion and how it would heal him and what makes you think this will work many have tried it before and well they have failed and I will not do it these sheets I can promise you that they are specials [laughs] very good but if that doesn’t work you will be punished later that day Andrew rubbed some water on his arms and after a while not all that the boils had diminished some had even disappeared This works I have to get more and this way Julia continued visiting the prince to bring him that infusion and finally Andrew cured you have done it your medicine is amazingly strong.

I am very happy for you Andrews was very surprised you have the voice of a girl but who are you Julie had been discovered and she knew it took off her disguise and the prince was very surprised to see that his doctor was a woman Julia told him all about herself and Robert I came here to find a person who can love good and is there any chance that you can love me because you are very intelligent and very kind too and The truth was that Julia had fallen deeply in love with Andrew with the passing of the days she accepted his proposal and soon they have married I’m very happy for you and Yulia I hope you are very happy all your life the next day Robert said goodbye to his sister and went to find his princess. far away and soon he reached another realm and while wondering.

She went about her normal life the princess pretty and likes

What to do he heard to a man who spoke sadly with a friend he was sure of my answers guessing the princess’s hobbies is a very difficult task I have lost the chance to marry her or so seems interesting I’ll try my luck so Robert disguised himself as a helper and sneaked into the palace there he watched princess Michelle as she went about her normal life the princess pretty and likes to paint but the princess noticed that someone I was watching him but where has he gone hi because you’ve been following me and that’s because I love the paintings that do this made Michelle very happy they soon started talking and I showed him all.

The pictures there painted I already know the one I have two left Robert followed Michelle closely one day when the kitchen was empty. found baking a secret cake or the one a princess is making here down here you are here well I’m the helper cooking and you like cakes ah yes yes I love it baking cakes that’s a lot of fun and that’s after trying a piece of this fruitcake Robert ate a piece and loved it now not so fun this cake is incredible to light you are not that good Michelle smiled at the hear that and Robert was extremely happy to have discovered his second hobby a few days later Robert was sitting in the garden princess Michelle is a very interesting wonder.

What his last hobby will be just at that moment he heard a noise and saw a covered figure escaping while he looked he saw that it was princess Michelle that is the princess where she followed her as she walked into town the streets were full of people out but where are they going soon they entered a dark alley and the prince hid tinga ms this bowl of soup will help you like a skin dear and what do you have for me for you I have this incredible Robert coat observed everything with much admiration the princess tried to help the poorest and neediest people after learning about the three princess’s hobbies soon returned to the kingdom of Andrew asked him to Andrew.

I’m happy you’re back my youngest children I am very proud of you

A royal suite and some gifts to ask for the princess’s hand, of course, you take what you need and so prince Robert returned to the kingdom of Michelle when he found her she did not recognize him I have come to try my luck with your hobbies, your highness, good luck prince Robert smiled and proceeded to give your answers the first hobby you have is to paint correct but that is a very common hobby try the second is Bake in the kitchen when no one is there I want to say Yes it is, but it will not be correct, it is the last really that could be at what It might be better to sneak through the streets and help everyone in the kingdom.

The princess was surprised to see that all three answers were correct well may I ask for your hand in marriage I would love to marry you your heart is sweet and smooth like the cakes you bake suddenly gave realizing it was Robert was very surprised at the way he had acted but was very happy as I knew he was very smart fun and loving the next day he married Michel and shortly after the wedding both Robert and juliá went to visit the king with their respective couples the king was surprised and happy.

That his sons had married to such good people you are much better the king explained to them that his illness was not that serious and that the doctor had cured him completely and I just overreacted but I’m happy you’re back my youngest children I am very proud of you because I you have found love is the drama queen you mean the king and so king otto realized that pressuring their children was the wrong thing to do children should always be allowed the freedom to choose their destiny and do not impose anything by force.

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