The Traveler and The Jeweler Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Traveler and The Jeweler Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Traveler and The Jeweler Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Traveler and The Jeweler Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The traveler and the jeweler once upon a time there was a man named Jake who traveled the world exploring the beauty of nature with her little best friend a dog named Ras who a day while walking through a grass field and stared well while barking what’s up guys tell me what are you seeing and the way to the well where he saw a man a monkey a tiger and a snake trapped inside being a person sweet and kind decided to do something about it or should I not save that man before he is eaten by the beasts he looked around and found a long piece of rope then he caught it and dropped one end the rope in the well the world quickly grabbed.

The three animals were very grateful

The rope and climbed put to safety after the snake wrapped itself around the rope and also climbed normally the tiger grabbed the rope and pulling it they could get it out from the well the three animals were very grateful to that man and they thanked your good deed thank you very much, kind gentleman, I live next to the hills near the north town so if you pass by it would be an honor help you we are very grateful that you have helped us on the walls of nalón and if you ever need my help I would love to return the favor but.

I ask you to Reuters to the human down there all humans especially that pendant are extremely ungrateful so our advice is a greedy and very arrogant man who was not willing to help and has been very arrogant when we were trying to find a solution though thanks for your help if you ever pass the edge of the forest near the Verona river I will be forced to give you a beautiful gift and saying this they ran into the jungle Jay ignored what they had told him and decided to help the poor man of all Ways Jay pulled the rope and helped the man out of the well thanks my name is Ron is today jeweler if you ever go to the city ​​of the north.

What could pay you for your help and by saying this the jeweler went to the city and jake continued his journey and the road through the country and scratched and played with birds running after a butterfly until they came to the hills where they were greeted by the monkey bad friend me so glad to see you wait I’ll come back clear already and rask and sat under the tree waiting for the monkey to return a few minutes later the monkey returned with a beautiful bamboo whistle by blowing this whistle whenever you need help and help will take away thank you very much now we must continue our trip so they said goodbye to the monkey and continued on their way down the hill and they went through the forest where they saw the tiger walk towards them he bowed before both and said once again thank you for saving me hoped that.

I will return immediately with something the tiger

I will return immediately with something the tiger went upriver where found the princess of north lock about to swim along with some of her beautiful maidens approached them and roared Upon seeing the majestic beast standing on a rock, the princess and her maidens they hurriedly collected what they could and ran for their lives the tiger ran there and found a necklace of sparkling pearls I picked up a pearl necklace came back before him traveler and dropped it in front of him accepts this as a token of gratitude for saving me thanks you really have been very kind and here is an apple for this little one inadvertently.


Gift of Magi Story In 2021| Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The ways used to grasp the necklace will bowed to the tiger and crossed the river and soon found themselves entering in the city of nor what gives me a deposit that we have already arrived in the city this goes to be a very good place to rest tomorrow we can continue on our way come on, it’ll be great if we find the rock jeweler over here we could ask you to buy us this necklace and have some money for our trips and food that tells me is a friend, let’s see if we find him near the market meanwhile, the maids returned to retrieve the belongings of the princess frantically searched for the precious pearl necklace but did not found anywhere they returned to the king offering.

A reward to anyone who could find the precious necklace and return it jay and scratch and went to the market where they found the jewelry overthrow look is here they snore I was delighted to see the traveler hello guys I’m very glad to see you around here well tell me how can I help you we are passing through the city and we need a place to rest today but all we have is this necklace I hoped that you could buy it from us and so I would use that money to continue our trip when seeing the conical collar recognized it immediately this is the princess king necklace to I must inform the king and then you are rich that is done because I do not bring you something to eat first you sit down.

He sat and waited and snored the jeweler left in a hurry

I will be back right away and there he sat and waited and snored the jeweler left in a hurry went to the king’s courtroom at once and told him all about the necklace or majesty the person who stole and currently has the necklace is now same sitting in my tent wonderful guards bring that man before me from he immediately arrived and his dog rask and they were brought before the king and upon seeing the collar in his hands he immediately ordered the guards to punish the traveler but but but majesty I do not want to go a single word combine like that through the city handcuffed so that the whole city can see what happens.

If someone dares rob the king we carry it now and a broken that pooch in a cage and so poor jay was forced to walk around town handcuffed where people saw him go by and boo him upon hearing the townspeople yelling and booing at him James said but because I didn’t listen to the animals when they told me about the ingratitude of this man if he had done it he would not be in this mess in approached the burrow of the snake and I call him to snake salt the snake came out of its burrow she’s in trouble we need to find a way to help us be away a few days to tell me the snake went to see his sister.

Who is she was a magician so she told her the whole story and she immediately He agreed to help them take one of this to the man when you have the opportunity I would love the beautiful princess and be sure to tell the traveler that the only way to wake up the princess is to make her smell this leaf okay the magician left and cast a spell on the princess who fell into a deep sleep the snake entered the prison cell where they were jay and scratch and he told them the whole plan on this sheet and when they call you princess room let him eat some of it and he will revive again The next day the king and his minister had a heated debate over the ways to revive princess majesty all doctors and hermits have made everything possible to wake up the princess.

Whatever but find one right now at that moment the ground shook

But everything has been in vain nothing has worked call the magician he will have an answer to the magician but there is no magician in this city well a witch whatever but find one right now at that moment the ground shook and in a cloud of smoke a witch appeared before the king called a witch guard I know a way to revive the princess, please wait for Rinus the only one who can break the charm and save the princess is the one who he was imprisoned imposed mind very well bring the prisoner here jay was Immediately taken to the princess’s room he made her smell the blade and very soon.

That aroma returned a conscience or my little angel thanks you, my friend, has saved my daughter but tell me if you don’t steal from the necklace like you got jay he told everything to the king and he rewarded him for saving the princess and as punishment for giving false information and for not helping there In exchange for saving his life the king ordered the jeweler snoring to be imprisoned and no In this way, he learned a very important lesson that one always You should be grateful to someone who helps you and you should return the favor in instead of being greedy and selfish.

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