The Son of Soap Seller Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Son of Soap Seller Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Son of Soap Seller Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Son of Soap Seller Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The son of soap was once upon a time a young man named me who lived in the beautiful city of months the beautiful mosque of months with its dome golden was the glory of the kingdom of Persia trade in the city was in full swing heyday people were happy but not to see since his father’s soap business I was in full crisis or brothers I bought my pure soap there is no none better in the whole city as you all know but people in Persia they did not use much soap on their clothes or anything else since the sand was used to everything even for cleaning pots and pans and so there were many days.

When Ahmed and his father did not sell enough to buy bread for them

When Ahmed and his father did not sell enough to buy bread for them, the days passed and soon I was given realized it was time to quit his father’s soap business and try something else father our soaps are not sold so I have decided to go to the market and look for other opportunities in the market amet would work hard for selling merchants and in return get a handful of rice, bread, or a few fruits that he would take home and share with his father happened that one day Ahmed as of custom crossed a jungle to get to the market and like the sun.

It was very hot he thought of going to the lake to drink some water there some of the women were filling their water jugs while others were washing clothes at this time in a procession led by a royal minister the procession stopped right in front of AMD and from the palanquin a beautiful lady she was the prey Roxanne I’m very thirsty can I drink some water a lady approached him with a jug of water and when he was about to give it to the princess suddenly from the bushes when they rise roaring fiercely.


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While people ran the princess god jumped on her and threw her to the ground seeing the princess in distress Ahmed He immediately picked up a nearby torch by stepping on him or amen to called the torch with all his might and the lion immediately escaped amen smiled and turned to the princess to Roxana who was trembling with fear immediately gave him water to drink thanks to a brave man who gave me life saved princess Roxana we have to leave immediately the princess Roxana felt and smiled at me she got inside her palanquin she is so pretty the next day when am EDT was in the market an old street vendor approached him today and son.

How you could earn a lot of money Ahmed thought for a moment

You work very hard you already earn enough for yourself no sir I don’t but at least my father and I have some food and why don’t you go to the capital, commerce is much better there and someone how you could earn a lot of money Ahmed thought for a moment and then said well that’s what I’ll do tomorrow my father and I will leave for the capital the seller wished him luck and left and so the next day to med and his father began their journey they traveled all night and rested during the day to avoid the scorching heat of the sun continued at times to climb winding roads between the mountains other times through the desert with a lot of foot pain.

One day when Mamet’s father was sleeping under a tree sometimes he heard the sound of someone foundation delivered after his sleeping father and walked towards the direction of the sound soon found a poor derby lying in the sand had a scarf over his shoulders to his side and made a large marble-studded stick shaped like a head of eagle for the love of god give me a drink of Ahmed water I immediately gave his pitcher although the water was somewhat salty the derby that drank all the water in an instant Thank you very much young boy I am the old man of the desert and I thank you very much your help takes you this little glass cup every morning when you wake up Put a drop of pure water in the cup and look at it very carefully and if any danger threatens you or your loved ones you will see.

How to predict everything and from that moment a cold breeze blew turning the old man’s body of the desert in hundreds of rose petals that flew with the wind speak she was excited she went back to her father and told him everything the next morning Ahmed and everything the derby had ordered him to do but he did not see anything for days passed and amet and his father was only three days of the capital when people see And from the same lion with the scar on the street I leap towards me help someone save my son please suddenly a beautiful appeared young man criticized a flaming torch and it was princess Roxanne like the fiery torch near the rum and immediately.

What is a princess doing around here princess Roxana pointed towards

Whose 10 princesses had good we are already at peace thank you but what is a princess doing around here princess Roxana pointed towards the royal caravan my father the king and I We returned from a pilgrimage when I heard someone yell to where you direct, we are going to the capital well you can come with us thanks to his highness and so amet and his father joined to the royal caravan and soon they reached the capital seeing the condition of Ahmed’s father the princess advised him to stay on royal guest chambers for a week before finding work in the new city the king also insisted if you stay in the royal rooms.

Until you find work Ahmed happily accepted as had enough time to find a good job but after his fortunate encounter with the lion endeavored every morning to place a drop of water in the glass cup and look nothing appeared until the seventh day he saw in the water a vision of the king asleep and standing next to him a figure with a raised dagger about to stab him immediately rushed to see the king, my king, a great danger stalks him someone wants to kill him he has to be careful akhmed my guards are well trained and trustworthy quiet as you say majesty when you say this I left the room of the court but kept thinking about who might be wanting to kill the king.

A little far from the capital the lion turned into an evil man He was the old man of the mountains and unlike the old man of the certain very evil man wanted to kill the king and princess and seize the capital he also wanted to kill Ahmed because he had saved princess Roxana this night will be your last night king meanwhile Ahmed was determined to keep watch said the darkness and the palace were silent the guards slept but did not keep waiting for me when Suddenly he perceived a dark shadow crawling towards the part of the palace where the king slept they figure silently went to the very threshold of the king’s room when Ahmed jumped on it and the hard reason for shouting.

He will be the prime minister of our kingdom the goal was ecstatic

They attack us they are attacking the king before this the king woke up and also the guards did it and the soldiers immediately came running along with the princess to Roxana but at that moment the old man from the mountain turned into rules you’ve bothered me enough boy I’ll take care of the king later but first I think I’ll finish you off on lion jumped at me when suddenly.

The crystal goblet fell from his pocket nor the huge man came out of the desert the old man from the desert immediately the lion’s body turned to dust and exploded from the windows the king and princess and the guards they looked amazed the desert eagle turned to me and smiled and then disappeared in the air overwhelmed by the situation the king He turned to me and said you are a brave man Ahmed.

The kingdom food was no longer scarce and friendship and his father

I won’t announce that from today he will be the prime minister of our kingdom the goal was ecstatic and bowed before the king thank you majesty and so Ahmed became the prime minister of the kingdom food was no longer scarce and friendship and his father lived very happily princess Roxana was delighted because she was secretly fond of Ahmed and the idea that he would never have to leave the palace made her happier the two soon began to spend a lot of time together and fell in love with each other when princess Roxana told him.

What her father felt, he was very happy well I have a lot of affection for Ahmed and I will be happy to give him the welcome to the family but that will be if he wants to marry your love is called to the courtroom Ahmed my daughter says she’s in love with you and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you but tell me what your feelings are Majesty I love her very well too so let me talk to you father and we will plan a big wedding that begins in the celebrations a great voice was held amet and the princess Roxana got married, the king was happy and so was Ame’s father mate’s journey taught us that no matter who you are and what you do kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give

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