The Raindrops Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Raindrops Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Raindrops Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Raindrops Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. Raindrops It was the most beautiful day that you can imagine a group of drops of water they woke up in their cloud happy to be alive happy to live in a little house so wonderful blue they spent the days happy and laughing and playing and jumping through the clouds wait and see today I will beat thing in the race to cloud 9 and my friends and I are going to go beyond the mountains of squishy cloud and we will make art with the seven colors of sunlight and what luck we have to be droplets often a day we are going to spend come we are going to wait.

We are going to work and work rainy look

I think today we are going work and work rainy look what’s wrong hey wet don’t you think the leaves of the trees have stayed dusty and dirty even though it heavens the pond has become very tiny and watery it’s time we all get down we can’t go tomorrow I had planned all day we lower humidity if we do work together will be a lot of fun our friends from the earth we need come on ok rainy we should get everyone together if we do not sink, no one will be able to do anything good attitude droplet on earth the world was fighting against the heat and the scarcity of water mami how hot and I have thirsty, can I come closer to the pond, please?


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Heaven don’t go near the pond they have become so small that any hunter I could attack you with ease, wait for you a little darling I’m sure that our friends the coasts will soon have or the water level is so low that I cannot drink without swallowing pebbles and sand when the drops are going to come often heat and my thick skin does not help anything makes you more drops come and please come and The grass is dry and it hardly knows that the grass already if the drops of rain they don’t have we will starve the animals weren’t the only humans they also waited for the rain desperate we have done our best we have tilled.

The land has planted seeds but if the rain does not come it will not grow or anything that we would sell then and how feed and love families and our livestock have faith I am sure that the clouds and the rain will not abandon us up in the rainy clouds whistled for everyone to gather soon the millions of raindrops floating in the clouds gathered in the sky before rainy hello everyone looks how the earth is all the drops look down and the situation is bad They need us now, yes, that’s the time, we must all go down to the land to help our friends prepared at the count of 10 ok soon the notes were ready raindrops now down to earth raindrops were thrown towards.

How are you old oak much better thanks for laughing

The earth thousands of them in great waves rain trees flowers and birds saw them approach u2 finally the rain arrives and welcome appointment welcome droplets how are you old oak much better thanks for laughing now my leaves will be cleaned and the breeze it will be cold and fresh again Mommy, I know this nice smell, where does it come from? hence when rainwater joins the earth both produce this fragrance ethereal is the best smell in the world finally pond grows with affection until it fills you.

The water tastes fresh and cold, I could drink it all baby until you are full and you will see and so come play, come play and fun thanks juliá the little army of raindrops on the ground inflating to the roots of health in green making and growing trees growing and fresh grass and delicious with the rain falling in torrents the ponds grew while animals and birds lived and played and laughed in them the raindrops collected by the streams that flowed from the mountains joined in giant rivers that cut through forests and fields and even exhausted humans and parched farmlands welcomed to the rain as the crops began to grow and the scorching heat of the sun diminished together.

The rain droplets gave the earth a wonderful renewal of life and happiness flowed happily day and night until one day they reached the largest surface of water that exists in the mighty ocean the drops swam and surfed the waves with the happiness we love to improve our charm to surf I love it their work on earth had ended so the sun came to pick them up already take them home their rays shone on the ocean one by one the drops they climbed up them.

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