The Pumpkin Giant Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Pumpkin Giant Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Pumpkin Giant Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Pumpkin Giant Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales.  The giant pumpkin some material from this video might not be suitable for children under 13 once upon a time the kingdom of color is a when the fairy tales we talked about existed in our world east of the kingdom lived the giant pumpkin was the largest, most famous, and most colossal never existed then people did not know that many fruits vegetables and potatoes were essential foods, nor were the tasty and excessive carbohydrates of potatoes and lack of exercise caused obesity in the population this gave the giant pumpkin a golden opportunity to keep an eye on the kid’s chubby ones.

Who had daughter damiana who, like the other colored children

That he captured and turned into his servants Bonus, don’t you want the giant to sneak zone to another? dad panicked in colors already especially inking Rainer who had daughter damiana who, like the other colored children, was already obese, the princess always You have to have two magicians by your side protecting you at all times and command a message to the people saying that whoever defeats the giant pumpkin will receive the honor of being a knight yes sir the princess was not allowed to leave the palace and was always guarded by two magicians the message reached the town and many volunteered to want to be knighted by the king, but although they wanted it with all their might, they did not dare to confront to the giant east of the kingdom.

Lived a farmer poor patroklos with his acne wife and son elias had a large surface of land near the underground lair of the pumpkin giant where they also grew potatoes to ideas like the princess was obese the poor family spent most of his money satiating his great appetite and did not there was a lot of food left for them dear what are we going to do with the money quiet darling I’ll find a way out one day while patron the lines were in the field picking potatoes the earth shook before they gee that’s the giant pumpkin run no father I can’t I’m too tired dear son get behind me quick in ie he got behind his father but it was useless because.


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It was like hiding behind a very fine for the earth trembled with every step the giant pumpkin took as it approached the poor man and his son and now what are we doing? around as the giant pumpkin approached, he picked up a potato and handed it to him. threw the giant pumpkin the potato flew out and hit the giant being unable to run father nothing happens son I love you just then the giant fell to the ground in front of them with a huge crash they did not know that potatoes were like a magic potion for the giants who they fell into an eternal sleep it’s a miracle the angels have blessed us daphne came running and seeing.

What a joy that you are safe but what do we do with this giant

That her husband and her son were well hugged What a joy that you are safe but what do we do with this giant on our farm just when he said that the giant pumpkin exploded in a cloud of dust bright leaving behind only a pile of seeds that scattered across the field when the giant collapsed the kingdom rejoiced at the wonderful news and everyone was happy especially king Rainer this is fantastic my darling they raid you no longer need the magicians by your side at all times anymore you can move safely throughout the kingdom amid so much happiness and joy on king forgot to knight the poor farmer who thought it very bad and also to his wife, however, mine did not think too much about.

That after the terrifying encounter with the giant pumpkin Elijah decided to start fit eating healthy food like vegetables from leaf and fruit eggs in proper proportion junk food started exercising regularly and after a few months when spring came he was in shape and had lost his weight one day as he was leaving he was exercising in the potato field he noticed that some plants were growing all over the field is very rare father grow some plants everywhere and I wonder what they must be some wild plants or leave them ignored the plants and continued with their day to day the next morning they went to the field and saw it full of giant pumpkins tone.

A giant pumpkin was bad for us but now there is a whole army watching the potato field full of what looked like pumpkin heads giants fear seized the inhabitants of collusion but as they did not see any scary face and no movement the inhabitants relaxed but although Díaz had stopped eating little food healthy could not resist the habit of his childhood trying almost everything and wondering how those pumpkins would taste I’m tempted to try the pumpkin or a little bit later when his father went to work on them went to the field and cut a piece of pumpkin and gave it a bite how rich it was bitten by bite He ended up eating a whole pumpkin, a child was delicious, I’m going to tell mom to try it, mother, I ate a piece of pumpkin head it was very tasty you should try.

I’m fine this afternoon when I sponsor back home he was surprised

The one you know is not good to eat weird things you could get sick I know mother but I can’t help it my son how could you do it and if something happens to you calm down I’m fine this afternoon when I sponsor back home he was surprised to learn of the incident no father did not worry I’m fine and you should also try it I assure you they are delicious patrols thought for a moment and how they had come out tricks instead of potatoes and they were starving decided to try them then daphne said could put them in water and to cook them greatly they sat down to eat the cooked pumpkin and when they gave first bite their faces lit up, three rich people, I didn’t imagine that they were so delicious.

So dafne decided to use her creativity and mix some ingredients like milk eggs sugar spices put them in some puff pastry dishes and put them in the oven had never tasted anything so exquisite in his life everyone was excited they collected all the pumpkins and stored them in the basement Daphne cooked delicious pumpkin every day and they ate happily one day the king passed in front of the farm and smelled the delicious aroma of pumpkin pies immediately stopped the carriage, find out what that aroma smells like great when the paper came back she said the woman the farmer is cooking giant heads, bring me one right now, the page brought him one of the cakes and after tasting it he waited a few minutes the king was looking forward to tasting the cake and took a slice and was immediately fascinated by it.

It’s wonderful to call the farmer and his family

It’s wonderful to call the farmer and his family and 4 plus he was brought before the king along with his wife and son who were quite nervous the cake is fantastic it will reward you and I will make you a knight but first tell me how you make these wonderful cakes pattern clues le told everything that had happened how they got the giant pumpkins and how they made the cakes for noble and brave man I forgot knight you the king has thanked knighted the farmer patroklos daphne and they formed an important part of the royal council and iniesta especially since.

He explained to the king his diet which consisted not only of potatoes but also in many fruits and vegetables that the king was balanced and healthy announced that the inhabitants of the kingdom should eat a healthy diet and balanced including his own daughter and in a short time the obesity rate decreased people became more athletic and the kingdom of colors already soon became the healthiest in the world.

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