The Pebble Shooter Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Pebble Shooter Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Pebble Shooter Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Pebble Shooter Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The pebble shooter some material of this video might not be suitable for children under 13 there was a once in the glorious land of Laos the land of millions of elephants a child named mensi had no parents and was lame in one leg but mensi was a happy child and very well cared for by the locals hello men if I have brought you fresh vegetables from my garden and vegetables I have brought something better a sweet sugar cake that could go to the teeth the village children always played with him but in a game, he was particularly the best round how did you give that tree what is all Yemen if you can aim at anything no matter.

How far it is good the truth was that I spent a lot of time practicing throwing pebbles

How far it is good the truth was that I spent a lot of time practicing throwing pebbles at distant objects that could reach leaves in the tops of the trees one day I was sitting alone under a huge banyan tree and started throwing pebbles at the leaves or light that pierced the blade made a picture on the ground it looks like a child dancing was holding and it was true when the leaves moved and the rays of the sun were streaming through them.

The image of the ground was moving elegantly when his friends came looking for him they were in awe of the show what is this how nice I will do something else, ok well right away he created an elephant on a leaf and after a baby elephant or looks like a baby elephant following its mom the children enjoyed the show and did not notice that the king and his soldiers approached.


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But threw themselves when they heard noises or not the king fast answer monkeys come on men if the children hid behind some bushes and the king and his troops lay down to rest but as soon as the wind blew and moved the leaves the elephants appeared near the king and they surprised him what is this it seems magic is precious guards against this one person who has created this art or they will not find us run wait to wait for me the children ran away leaving me back although the king was a good man for children he was someone great and fearful I have found a child here let’s take him to the king and so a scared mensi was brought before the king trembling it is you who made these images yes yes your highness prove it another for me menzi picked up a pebble.

When the leaves moved, everyone looked surprised, surprising

But just then a bird landed on a branch seeing him mensi had an idea threw the pebbles at a broken leaf and formed the image of the bird’s body on another sheet created the bird’s head and When the leaves moved, everyone looked surprised, surprising it seems that the bird is singing the song the king and his men enjoyed and applauded the song of the bird of light boy you have an extraordinary talent I would like to take you to my castle can you help me in a matter and see if he sat in the king’s very own carriage and left for the palace real there men’s and was impressed nothing more come in hey listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you soon I’ll have a meeting with my ministers one of them does not stop talking And if that man doesn’t stop talking and talking and talking.

I want to teach him to also listen to others and how can I help you hide between the curtains and you shoot bitter orange worlds in his mouth Amen if he was amused and accepted the plan of the king sat behind a curtain in front of minister eric immediately started the meeting or not I asked the king which minister was good, I have summoned you to talk about the robberies of the kingdom someone knows something about this good sir I was wondering I’ve been thinking that we should ask the victims. I know that some saw the thief at one point It’s amazing then we can but I think it will take time to find that one man that after all is a huge kingdom and we have very good people and I think it means something but we have a lot of soldiers in the kingdom it may not take us as long as we fear that’s the good man time for a break mister charlatan threw the peel straight to the mouth of eric who was surprised and turned pale.

What happens to Eric is going well none ok what is this nasty thing about my mouth eric you’re in front of the river quite well what were you going to say Well, his majesty, I was going to say that the people of this and maybe there is a thief amid our people but we can never be too sure And I think Eric’s tongue got stuck this time thank god good your highness if you listen to what I have to say sorry but I just wanted to tell you because this is happening to me every time I open my mouth something horrible enters me and this time I swallowed the peel and decided to keep quiet for fear of being thrown into your mouth well.

What I wanted to tell you is that there is a circus caravan Itinerant

Can I talk now finally your majesty what I wanted to tell you is that there is a circus caravan Itinerant in our kingdom and at each stop a nearby house is robbed that is very interesting you want to visit the next place where they will stop exactly your majesty is a great idea what do you think eric er and he was impressed with the idea no if we go well I do not agree with what has excellent saying is very good to hear opinions different true you, of course, yes so when Erika talked too much men and threw a peel in his mouth, Eric was silent all the time and I had no choice but to listen to the rest, I do not remember having heard their opinions seriously

I speak so much when the meeting ended the king approached eric well now you realize that allowing others to speak and express their opinions is an important thing if seeing how I have behaved I will try to change from now on the mission accomplished the king was delighted to convince him and let him stay in the palace he ate everything and they took good care of him he lived a very happy life showing his talent to others and eric Bueno fulfilled his word and gave the rest a chance to speak because listening to the opinions of others is very important we must always worry and value the thoughts of others.

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