The Magician’s Tea Party Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Magician’s Tea Party Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Magician’s Tea Party Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Magician’s Tea Party Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The magician’s tea once upon a time in a very distant kingdom called monotonous islands where a king of 14 years old he called himself the melancholic king had renamed the kingdom that had been called joy island And everything in this kingdom seems so gray and cold it’s the most boring in this world the nurses and counselors tried all to cheer him up but to no avail, five-round islands in a row wish some were square would be something standing there pitying himself he heard the voice of a girl singing a beautiful song and sang a song don’t be late a melancholic to play Tintin king.

Who are you from the side and each and the king?

I will tell you something nice to you ling a true king wouldn’t make me sing one day in triton The melancholic king upon hearing the song was filled with emotion and ran out of his palace and ran down the hill towards the voice at the same time the girl saw the king and left running to meet him it was you who sang that song where do you come from and who are you from the side and each and the king has so many You ask my name is there a break and if I am the one who sang that song to you but because the song and the magician sang it.

Who lives far from here told me that he will sing you this song, no, I don’t know any magician you mean it, what’s the use of being king if you don’t know the inhabitants of your kingdom the melancholic king was embarrassed to go you are not happy true how can you and be happy in a kingdom sad and gray like this but what are you saying if you don’t know your kingdom is the prettiest in the whole world nonsense go up the hill with me and I will show what the kingdom is actually like the king and the girl quickly rose to the top of the hill when they reached the top they watched the kingdom there you go have you ever seen something so gray look at.

The sun’s rays in the wheat fields And those fields of red and blue red blue flowers I only see gray flowers and what about the sea you should know that it never changes but the sea has so many different faces and also many voices You are different, she is a witch, not of course not, but if she were, I would get that you will see things well and not badly you know why we are not going to see the magician and we ask you to disappoint the melancholic king did not think twice and accepted at once they ran hill down and at once they reached the shore of a beautiful river there a small round boat like a tube was waiting for us and the two jumped inside this is very funny mad at the boat.

If you are not still Sit down and give me the oars

If you are not still Sit down and give me the oars I’ll take you down the river You don’t have to do anything because this boat was given to me by the magician and he takes you to where you want to go they sat in the sun while the boat sailed quietly touched the water with their hands and luckily they didn’t tip overdoing that was a lot of fun for the two of them when the boat stopped they found themselves on the edge of the shore of a beach and a little far away was the magician’s house They walked to their cave found the door open and the children entered this is a cave the melancholic king he was fascinated by the beauty of the interior of the cave.

When suddenly he saw the old wizard sitting in their chairs smiling at them bright ran to him I brought him a king who wanted to see you would be added good and disenchant him and you have the magician got up and shook hands with the king to make him feel at home you are good children to meet at tea time I do not like to take it, just tell me, would you like to take it on the floor or I call a table the king asked on the floor because all his life had eaten at the table but there is a break I wanted to know what would happen if they chose the table to please the magician accepted to hit the floor and an impeccable small table with three chairs.


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He walked through the door like a person and stopped in the middle of the room. Gee, I did not know that the tables and chairs could walk so that they have four legs the magician went to work turned on the fire to make tea and the two children opened their cupboards to get the beautiful crockery and delicious food They were very happy to see the cupboard full of cream cupcakes. chocolate and plum tea were delicious the magician and the children talked of many things while they drank the tea and ate the creamy cupcakes, in the end, the two children remembered why they had come to see the magician mister magician I need your help I don’t see things like the others it’s true the wings threw dust in your eyes when you were a baby that’s why no you see things in the same light as other people.

Why throw a powder in my eyes they didn’t invite them

Why throw a powder in my eyes they didn’t invite them to your party when you were born that’s why the wings didn’t like it and they came up with that the best thing you can do is if the uip landia and ask them to take away the spell but beware it is a long way to go alone I will always accompany you I have wanted to go to the other side of the sun how we got there good wizard the way It is usual to climb a ray of sunshine but I will send you in a flash of lightning he took a big sack off a shelf and reached inside ay bright got a little closer to the king hoping there wasn’t a big explosion and the king put his arms around her to make her feel more comfortable.

I have it in both hands if it did not hit anyone as long as you treat it with kindness now you will go in a flash but they hadn’t had time to see anything when they found themselves on the other side of the sun remained for a moment lying where they had fallen without moving then they sat down they rubbed their eyes and looked around I had no idea that this was how you imagined it then a wayne had landed on his head which is the wings’ favorite place to rest their legs there is a lot of fog yellow fog is true I think it is not yellow fog it is a sun darker is true the front people the sun calls it yellow mist they’re blinded by their own sun this is the back of the sun.

I think I like the bright sun better what nonsense edwin plan day we have all the advantages of the sun and none of its disadvantages there are no sunstrokes or sun spots what a grace that you can see it because of you if your friends don’t they would have thrown dust in their eyes I would see win plan day in bright light They hit you have come to take the spell off you but now we can’t help you, you’d better come back again it doesn’t matter see things differently Of course it matters and that’s why we want you to remove the spell please the wing stood up and thinking how much he came up with a solution and we can do it, one thing you must exchanging eyes.

There bright had already wished exchange eyes and quickly his eyes

The children looked at the wing and then looked at each other between them according to how it is made very simple you just have to wish with everything your heart has the king’s eyes and instead of yours and that’s it stop if you give me your eyes they will always see things wrong the king had spoken too late because there bright had already wished exchange eyes and quickly his eyes turned deep blue and the warm brown king eyes the king was furious at the wing while side drive giggled at what had happened and look what you’ve made things look bad until the end of his days does not be a silly child take home and try to see things well.

Before they wanted to know it they were at the top of the hill watching the kingdom of monotonous islands and this is my kingdom it’s so pretty look how the sun shines on the wheat fields and look at the fields of red and blue flowers does not seem like a precious kingdom ay bright smiled but now I only saw five round islands in a row yes, of course, yes as you say a beautiful kingdom and so they saw it with the eyes of the other after the years the melancholic king made ay bright the queen of the drab isles and wore crowns instead in a hat he had selflessly given his sight to the melancholic king and yet was happy to show that the power of the Sincerity and selfless love brings the deepest joy and true satisfaction.

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