The Girl Fish Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Girl Fish Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Girl Fish Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Girl Fish Story In 2021 | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The fish girl once upon a time on the bank of a stream a man and a woman who had a daughter whose name was today was their only daughter and were quite naughty the truth that today please help me wash the dishes dear the soup is burning the fish You are very much thanks to mother, today she never helped her parents and instead he danced and played all day yet one morning his mother looked so tired that even coi couldn’t help.

The creek edge fishing net and repair some holes your father

But ask if there was something she could do I could stick with the creek edge fishing net and repair some holes your father has intends to go fishing at dawn and now mother today took the net and worked so hard that very soon there was not a single only hole felt very pleased with herself suddenly heard a splash and saw a big fish jump through the air ccoo immediately threw the net into the water and with some luck he managed to catch the fish inside the net you are not very pretty not while I hurt selfish girl don’t take me out of the water otherwise you turn into a but sometimes stupid right now the mother of cool and left the house you have finished with the PO my god that fish.

It is very beautiful I have caught it myself and guess one thing it can also speak that without a mother and says that if you take it out of the water it will turn me into a fish you can’t believe and let it go maybe I’m a magic expert no way I’m going to get it out the water and then collides with the water net and as soon as it did the fish transformed into magic sparkles floated through the air and said the bat you but it’s already too late shape-shifted hours you’ll become a fish and waters and ambulate you have the magical brightness flew away and suddenly turned into a fish or not my daughter koi soon felt better in the water and was able to swim to the sea.


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That was very close as soon as his sad face attracted the attention of the other fish that surrounded her begging her to tell them the whole story and then today he told them everything that had happened I am not a fish I am a girl at least I was a girl a few years ago few minutes good if it makes you feel better that has happened to all of us cheer up and come with us to see our queen she is the best and kindest dictated Today she felt a little scared but as she was more afraid of being alone she continued to swim deeper and deeper along with the other fish and soon they reached the bottom of the sea here we are finally then koi saw a nice palace And who are you and where do you come from today I doubt a moment but another fish pushed her to the front and she told the queen everything I was also a girl.

She married a very handsome king and gave birth to the prince most beautiful

A bird one princess if you prefer that she married a very handsome king and gave birth to the prince most beautiful the world has ever seen but that was a long time ago my son should have already become a man and my husband to pass very old but what happens Also the other times or not I would never do that is the animals are wrong and you should never do that too and lowered her head in shame beautiful the wicked witch called form and I to my husband when he was going to his village and fell in love with him I did not know that he was already married to me she went to see her brother the giant and told him that no one else would marry him, king.

The giant came to the palace and when he found out that the king was hunting he He was furious to find the right moment the next morning he came and snatched the crown from my head grabbed me shot me up and terry We are near the sea this crown belongs to my sister now who is in love with the king so I’m going to turn you into a fish so that never come back only if you ever get this crown back something that will never happen will you return to transform you human moon meanwhile my sister will marry the king and will become the queen and then what happens then it happened that while I was transforming my body flew towards him and whispered something in his ear my brother does not hear hears now pass his sister has discovered that the king was married and has taken.

The crow flew away and I with my body half human and half fish sat on the weeping rocks that’s when I met the sage octopus the fate of the sea is in your hands because it has creatures that they belong and that haunted they swim all day to her belongs the potion the power to turn into a deer into a parrot and a monkey she will give you back the crown and end the enchantment of all that’s our story all of us are delighted and only if I get back my crown we could return to earth with our ancient human forms I will bring you back if you tell me that I have to do like this is not possible for Please give me a chance please I don’t want to be a fish for the rest of my life.

He felt a slight irritation just above his mouth and suddenly

I want to go back to my parents how I miss them in that same moment today he felt a slight irritation just above his mouth and suddenly I sneeze here if it is you it is you and suddenly a ray of hope arose among the beings aquatic takes this position and drinks cloth coi was reluctant while I looked around you will not be in any danger if you follow my advice go back to earth and climb to the top of the high mountain where the giant It has its castle but be very careful because if it sees you it can hurt you like this that this position is necessary as it will give you the power to become a deer in a parrot and smoke, therefore, you have to nod your head and shout his name koi nodded and drank.

The potion said goodbye to the other fish and went to look for the crown today came ashore and nodded Payne towards me and in a moment he was transformed into a beautiful deer with beautiful horns and thin legs she He smiled and ran, jumping over the stones and bushes that stood in his way he soon came to a dense jungle when suddenly he met a man who was under a tree playing the flute was called Sylvester and was the queen’s son today stopped in his tracks as he had never seen such a handsome man Sylvester took the flute away from his lips and looked at the deer in amazement his eyes were sparkling with mesmerizing something that.

He had never seen in a deer he thought they were human eyes today I slowly walked past him and then started running wait that can’t be a deer the deer do not speak and neither in these eyes will it be a fairy or her enchanted with came to the castle of the giant breathless shook her head and soon he was swinging on the highest branches going from tree to tree I get to the room where the giant lay tearing up, it will be better than change my shape because it never leaves the crown transformed into a pink parrot and 3 and leaped towards the giant and when the giant opened his eyes and told him I’m here for the crown give me back the time your sister is dead nothing makes sense anymore calm down please killing me won’t bring your sister back to justice with the queen and with all those.

Whom you have turned into fish upon hearing

Whom you have turned into fish upon hearing this the giant was immediately shocked he had completely forgotten what I had made the queen my god the queen I am the queen oh what a fool I am for having forgotten about him it’s okay it’s not too late yet give me the crown maybe he between gold takes the crown and the queen I’m ashamed of my actions today he took off the crown and without waiting a second he flew out the window when he reached the sea he said for the last time and diving I swim to the palace where the queen and all the fish were waiting for her had been a few months since I had left and now they were more skeptical than anxious look.

Look there he is and he approached the Queen this one bent and took the crown and placed it on her head at this moment his tail fell off and suddenly some beautiful feet appeared maidens who clustered around him were left without scales and They were girls again, it’s you who has given us life back, you, listen to me coi and it has been very brave I cannot thank you enough that you have risked your life, take care of yourself, girl and remember that you are not a good human if you are selfish and cruel to humans and animals around.

I’ve learned my lesson and queen would never again be cruel and selfish to no one and thus their paths parted when they reached their home parents jumped for joy and hugged my little daughter tightly he thought he never saw you again today he told them everything that had happened his parents were surprised but also delighted that their daughter finally was at home in the meantime the queen had arrived at the palace and I had explained everything to the king and prince the wild prince was very happy to see his mother after.

I am the young woman who helped us all I think you know each other suddenly

So many years but deep down his mind was only thinking of that enchanted deer My son, you’re happy, wait to take it, I’m mother, it’s just that it doesn’t matter No one would understand, tell me, I assure you, there is nothing to a mother can’t understand Sylvester told his mother all about the enchanted deer and his mesmerizing eyes the queen just smiled today what are you talking about mother my son why don’t you come with me if you have or my queen and this is my son Sylvester Sylvester this here.

I am the young woman who helped us all I think you know each other suddenly Sylvester se was paralyzed before her since she was so much more beautiful than she had dreamed suddenly was filled with courage and bowed before her today he smiled and approached him the two looked at each other while time stopped at around her the queen and the koi parents just looked at each other and smiled

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