The City of Fortune Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The City of Fortune Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The City of Fortune Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The City of Fortune Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The city of fortune n– it is believed that Rupert was an intelligent wise young man it is said that there was no one braver, smarter than him in ten towns around look at and one day Rupert was sitting around of a campfire with his other friends listening to the adventures of a soldier who was traveling beyond his town and this was the most interesting part of the soldier stories the city of fortune exists and I don’t think so or if it exists it is on top of a high mountain it is shining like the sun with its gigantic towers made of pure and solid gold there is so much gold and riches there.

Who live in it do not know what to do with it

That the people who live in it do not know what to do with it they simply They dedicate themselves to making golden things and when they get tired of them they make new ones glasses ornaments buildings the old ones are demolished and the street sweepers carry everything to the trash what send us some gold let him talk, come soldier tell us more thank you good share money fruit requires a heart but here all they have is gold and gems scattered across the streets and even.

The dust of the streets is gold that the street sweepers growling into their golden containers sprinkled with the most precious gems. big ones that shine brighter than the night sky I’m sure the people of this city spend all day singing and dancing, of course, they don’t need to work oh yes and eating the best food next time money is not the only reason to work sing dance or eat you know the city looks like this is precious jack but it’s precious jac I wish the city and its gold were so beautiful to tell us about the gold all the houses are made of gold the crystals are all made of diamonds the streets are paved with silver and its pebbles are chunks of stones precious and shine so bright that there is no need to light fires in the houses or the city but how do you get there there are two ways.


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But one is terrible the stones on the road are so sharp that they will cut off your feet and there are also huge pools of quicksand and slippery slopes that plunge into great valleys that will block your road so that even if you get to the city this one is so tired and exhausted that do not have the strength or for app and the second route or this will take you to the city ​​of fortune in a few days but you should know okay show me that route I will go to the city of fortune hearing you are so anxious at least leave me to tell you that enough soldier will not let anything make me change the opinion I’m leaving right now you’re leaving now I can’t wait anyway Rupert was so eager to get to the city of fortune.

The rest of the way Rupert was so eager to get on his way that even forgot

That never even occurred to him to say goodbye to his friends or your family radio Rupert area will break super hate looper walked with the soldier into a forest and there the soldier showed him the rest of the way Rupert was so eager to get on his way that even forgot to thank the soldier walked a distance and said to a river a boatman from curious aspect I was waiting on the shore hello, good could you take me to the other side this will cost you 50 pounds of silver but what are you saying hey I have not seen so much money in all my life I am sorry without payment there is no trip for Please sir I am heading to the city of fortune I will pay you everything you want when

I return I had not returned from there with riches very well if you do not have the pieces of silver pay me with a piece of your heart If I do this I will die to whom I am interested in meat I mean the essence of your heart the boatman took out a flute and played a strange piece of music a few flashes of light appeared from Rupert’s chest and They entered the plant so Rupert got on the boat and went transported across the river then Rupert climbed a mountain and when he arrived at the top another man like the ferryman was there Rupert could see the golden towers in the city beyond a long, winding forest road.

But strangely did not feel as anxious as before from the moment the boatman caught some of the flashes of his heart Rupert felt heavy as if space had become Yuniesky stone because as a pastor I have no more silver coins, here you want a piece of my heart if this will do just like the cowboy this man He also took out a flute played a strange melody and golden sparkles came out of Rupert’s chest towards the flute curiously instead of feeling happy approaching the city of fortune trooper felt a heavy emptiness and stony that he couldn’t define but continued his journey soon Rupert was at the imposing gate of the city of fortune and such as the soldier described it the gigantic door was solid gold studded with the most wonderful gems and diamonds one could ever have imagined Rupert ventured in but was stopped by a porter.

Who looked like the man in the boat and the man in mountains high

Who looked like the man in the boat and the man in mountains high you must pay to pass you want a piece of my heart I am just like before the doorman too pulled out a flute and began to play the same curious tune Rupert felt strange the city of fortune was right in front of him and not felt emotion not at last when entering it for a moment Rupert wondered if it was because he was playing with his heart and I wish they didn’t take it all off and because of this a little shine stayed inside their chest and didn’t fly into the flute if they opened the doors and Rupert entered the city it was just as the soldier had described it but nothing of that seemed exciting Rupert saw.

Mango by he smiled at the man didn’t smile back and just stares at Rupert blankly looper walked forward and saw a table filled with the most delicious food laid out on trays golden but no one seemed to want to eat it what a pleasure food has for those who do not know hunger looper se He went ahead and saw many musical instruments made of gold and gems but no one was touching the and the sweeper and put them in a golden cart or go what joy produces in those who have no worries or problems, said Rupert, long live a fever that is churning vessels of gold all and each of his pieces looked exactly.

The same poor me that and creativity has value in something that will be thrown away just because there is too many Rupert looked at all the expressionless, heartless faces that surrounded them there was no joy or smile in this land and he finally realized of what it meant to have paid with his heart and it was because of that brightness that remained in his chest that he could feel at least a slight sad the people of the earth with no heart in them could feel nothing but emptiness despite everything on earth these people seemed to have become super stone did not want to live like this he decided to go home.

I want to see my family and my friends the moment

I want to go home I want to see my family and my friends the moment he said that all the flashes of his heart that the guardian from the door he had summoned went straight to his heart Rupert could now feel a bit of joy seeing his friends and family again when the man on the mountain flashed his heart back Rupert’s heart was pounding with excitement and when the man on the boat gave him back his desires Rupert almost ran to meet his friends and family mother father I am very sorry, hello to break my son are you back or thank god you’re back and has exposed I am very sorry for all of you my lust for gold blinded me now.

I realize wealth is useless if it doesn’t go accompanied by a feeling of joy and joy only arises from three things one when we have humanity and heart it does not matter if we are rich or not two you have to have people with whom to laugh and cry and three of us need to have the impulse to share and care if we only had our gold and wealth hearts would turn to stone just like those of the town people of fortune and so Rupert returned from the city of fortune as a wiser youth is not true if life gave you a choice between the people you love and all gold of the world that you would choose gold is good I am rap when accompanied by love.

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