The Brave Girl Make This Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Brave Girl Make This Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of The Brave Girl Make This Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

The Brave Girl Make This Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. Lady gives family but if once a lovely kingdom where a lady called the family lived but Allegri beautiful and most importantly my discharge even though he was only 14 years old he was already so tall like her mother was this made her extremely conceited and decided to prove his stature his best friend the brilliant prince of teeth hey he stopped screaming I’m here I hadn’t seen him because you weren’t in my field of view you are not as cool as you think you are just because you are too tall me I’m so much smarter than you will ever be and indeed.

He was the brilliant prince who spent a lot of time reading books

He was the brilliant prince who spent a lot of time reading books and studying nature and logic treatises but those things bored nothing easy and she could only yawn which bothered her a lot of books and more pounds how intelligence helps you see beyond what is in front of you but you’re so small you can only look over the tallest ant her mother the countess turned to her very angry that’s no way to talk to a prince or anyone ha ha ha ha and if you are very tall a giraffe is smarter than you bright prince can you talk that way to a lady the bright prince pouted Elida family always teased the one from the other but this time.

She had gone too far great you know I’ll go from here and I won’t be back until I find a way to be much taller than you lady daffodil already laughed but when she saw that her friend was serious He stopped please don’t go but the prince just glared at him and walked away and he already tried to stop him but he didn’t listen to her the queen and the countess heard her cry and quickly went to see her dear what’s the matter with you the bright prince said he wouldn’t come back till what taller than me present don’t worry kid he’ll say that again just to annoy you but the fossil entity already knew that the bright prince meant.

What he said and that no one would make him change his mind and so when the night came and the young man the prince did not return the king’s helpers were sent to look for him for weeks and months but they couldn’t find him the king was not left without his heir and leite is bodily without his best friend I am the cause of all this I should not have swollen them so much that I am going to do and so he stayed in his room and tried to read and learn as much as he could I wanted to become like him but no matter how hard.

I always tried I ended up confusing everything and always ended

I always tried I ended up confusing everything and always ended up being wrong one day feeling very desperate, she sadly went out to the garden this flower seems to be drying up I was about to put some magic to it with my hands and it will be fine right now will have to wait to see her lady this family soon became curious about the way he worked and also started helping in the process splendid highness may he have magic in those hands he knows did not understand what the gardener meant.


The City of Fortune Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

But over time learned to grow very beautiful flowers and plants is looking very beautiful and now do you believe in magic soon caught all her sadness and turned into love in the form of flowers meanwhile the bright prince had come a long way and already was tired or thirsty and hungry when he came to a strange forest where I’ve never been before and what is this a cobweb here there are many eyes and why shouldn’t there be after all I am the owner of the forest and who is that me I Mr. Long legs Tell me how could a dirty prince like you get to a place like this? bright little prince told lord longlegs his whole story and I won’t be back until I’m much taller than that silly princess I don’t see I find it something very very interesting and I know a way in which I can help you.

But it may take some time even several years I don’t mind I’ll wait for whatever necessary to become taller than lady daffodil I already remember you see that bush over there with the rainbow-colored cobwebs all you have to to do is jump into that bush and that’s it if you jump in and wait let the prince come looking for you, he was very confused but he was in such a hurry to get taller that he immediately jumped into the spider web bush and this is very strange but where am I the bright prince had arrived in a very special and very magical place it was the place where dreams played and kept alive.

This is this place is precious welcome to evil dreamland

This is this place is precious welcome to evil dreamland status is mine well my name is wow I don’t know the bright prince had forgotten his name although the place was destined only for dreams already games and the little prince only knew how to study, he had never played any I play because I considered them silly soon he began to forget everything he had learned and only beautiful dreams filled his head he played and played with all the spirits of dreams and even he came to forget about Leidy daffodil and one day Mr. Longlegs came to looking for the prince found him playing and smiling very funny but if it’s the little prince.

Who came here a long time ago and it seems that you are no longer so small but what are you speaking I lived you only two days ago that is what grows my dear child you have been here the last five years it’s time for you to go home five years the pp I think it is time for you to leave this dream And in seconds the prince found himself falling and falling and landed on a very soft and cool lawn in an amazingly beautiful garden I now remember it all I left the kingdom to be taller than lady daffodil already but I wonder if I have come back being louder just then a woman passed by was incredibly beautiful and very delicate in the way.

Prince finally and ate you have returned and as more grown

She walks bright prince lady daffodil already they embraced warmly and hearing the cries the queen and the countess they rushed out they were ecstatic to see the bright prince finally and ate you have returned and as more grown where have you been all this time we searched and searched but we never could meet you the bright prince told them all his adventure listened carefully to the way he spoke and acted together so thank you or well whatever it is we are happy to have you home but It seems to me that you have become much more pleasant than before an Allegri spiders pull each other’s legs because you think they are so high.

He just made a joke on us no and believe it is not like that ha ha ha ha ha de who is this garden is incredibly beautiful is mine I planted is after that you left I was very sad and I tried to learn or be like you read things new every day but nothing stays in my head I am so sorry I do not regret leaving you alone all these years I was in too much of a hurry to grow up but I discovered that growing up takes time and you can grow in different ways the bright prince looked at her smiled at me you are very intelligent and surprising to you bright as I may be, I could never grow such a garden.

Magnificent as this and I will never again leave my cheerful and beautiful lady da bodily you will see it does not matter if one is taller or smarter because you can find talents of different types in each person As long as the diet could he had learned to be kinder and had found his talent the bright prince had learned that studies do not mean everything since it is obvious that it takes a little of fun to grow in the best possible way.

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