Rising summer temperatures can mean more accidents in Las Vegas

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Summer is a season of outdoor meals, vacations, trips to the beach – everything we dream of when it’s cold outside! But more than the temperature is rising in hot weather. Just as accountants prepare for a barrage of time situations imposed between January and April, Las Vegas car accident lawyers know summer brings with it a noticeable increase in car accidents. From minimal accidents to fatal accidents, when the thermometer makes it easier to rise, car accidents increase. This is nothing more than a coincidence. It is based on science. Contrary to popular belief, January in a snowstorm is not the most dangerous time to drive – August in the desert is the most dangerous.

The most dangerous times to drive
When you drive on any Saturday in August, you are driving during the most dangerous month of the year and on the most dangerous day of the week. There were more than 40,000 vehicle deaths in the United States in 2017. More accidents were due to distracted driving than in previous years, the famous National Security Council .

You see small car road accidents almost every day. But none of us realize the loss – every day – is around 110 people. “If a hundred-seat plane failed every day in the US, the air transportation system closed with demands for the government to do something,” Russ Rader with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says. “But that doesn’t happen with car accidents.”

Most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas
Las Vegas car accident lawyers saw traffic deaths decrease in Las Vegas for 2017 – a good thing! But pedestrian deaths increased thirty-seven percent – the largest amount ever recorded. Las Vegas is a “tourist city.” And while most local drivers are careful, especially in busy casino districts, pedestrians are anxious, excited, and possibly drunk. This raises the possibility of an accident. “It’s very frustrating … and also heartbreaking because we do everything we can to get the message across to people,” says the Traffic Safety Board .

Many Las Vegas car accident lawyers are contacted for accidents that occur on Boulder Highway and Sun Valley, near Eastside Cannery and casinos in the city of Sam (the most dangerous). The intersection of the Boulder and Sun Valley, near Eastside Cannery / Sam’s Town, has a pedestrian crossing with no light, visibility problems, and a “built for speed” street, according to Las Vegas Metro officials. Other dangerous intersections include:

Desert Inn and Fort Apache
Nellis and Cedar
Rainbow and Hacienda
Finally, Rainbow and Sahara
Las Vegas car accident attorneys you can trust
We hope Summer 2018 is excellent for you, your family and all your loved ones. Have fun and be especially careful when driving this summer! Insurance companies can be useful, but don’t forget, they are in the business to make money. They often take actions that can save them – not – money.

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