Las Vegas Workers Compensation Attorneys

We protect the injured worker
If you have been injured at work, call our office for a free consultation . We have helped thousands of people like you recover temporary and permanent disability payments and get their medical bills paid for industrial injuries and occupational diseases. Let us help you file a claim or appeal an adverse decision. Our office is in the same building as the workers’ compensation court house, feel free to stop before or after your hearing.

Injuries and illnesses related to the work of employees
Most employees in Nevada are covered by the state workers compensation system. We commonly represent injured employees in a casino, construction site, manufacturing plant or Las Vegas health center, to name a few. Injured workers have the right to be compensated for injuries and illnesses caused by accidents or exposures in the workplace, regardless of fault. Injuries and illnesses should only be work related in order for the employee to be eligible for benefits.

Some of the most common incidents in the workplace seen by our workers’ lawyers include:

Slips and falls from heights
accidents involving defective safety equipment or defective machinery
Severe burns
Exposure to hazardous substances
Repetitive motion injuries
Violence in the workplace
Work-related car accidents
Report your injury immediately and keep detailed records
Get quick medical treatment
Hire a work compensation lawyer
Consider changing doctors
Understand workers’ compensation benefits available
Represented exclusively to injured workers since 2000

Jason D. Mills, a Nevada workers ‘compensation lawyer, has exclusively represented injured workers since 2000. His experience at all stages of the workers’ compensation process makes Mr. Mills one of the most knowledgeable and sought after by the complaining lawyers in Nevada.

Important role in the realization of workers’ compensation laws

Mr. Mills serves as one of only five attorneys in the Nevada State Bar, Workers’ Compensation Legal Specialization Board. The Board created and administers a certification and testing system of the state bar for the specialization of lawyers in the workers’ compensation law. Mr. Mills played an important role in making workers’ compensation laws in Nevada more favorable for injured workers.

Master in the process of compensation of highly technical workers

Whether you are filing an initial workers compensation claim or appealing a decision, our firm can handle your workers’ compensation case, from the initial hearing office to the Nevada Supreme Court. Mr. Mills has a mastery of the highly technical workers compensation process. Other Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko attorneys often refer their workers’ compensation cases from Nevada to our office.

You may be eligible for the following workers compensation benefits
If you are injured during the course of your employment in Las Vegas, you may be eligible to receive a weekly check from your employer’s insurer to cover part of your lost salary. In addition to lost income, you may also be entitled to the following workers’ compensation benefits.

Medical care
When you are injured or develop a medical condition after a work accident or exposure, you have the right to obtain medical treatment. Workers’ compensation benefits will pay for emergency room care, hospital stays, diagnostic tests related to the injury, medical and specialized visits, rehabilitation treatment, and sometimes even transportation costs to and from Your appointments

Vocational rehabilitation
When your injury is so severe that you cannot return to your regular job, you may be entitled to benefits that pay for vocational rehabilitation. Services may include vocational counseling, training or retraining, and job placement to help you return to the workforce.

Payment to dependents in case of death
When a worker dies at work, workers’ compensation insurance will normally pay for burial expenses. Additionally, eligible family members may be entitled to survivor benefits including 66 2/3 of the worker’s average monthly salary to be paid until the death of the surviving spouse.

Reopening for life
In Nevada, injured workers can reopen their work injury claims at any time throughout their lives if they can show that their injuries or illnesses have worsened. Work injury claims are typically grouped into four categories: permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, temporary total disability and temporary partial disability. The type and severity of an injury or condition determine the category in which the claim is placed.

Nevada Fire and Police
There are special workers compensation laws that apply to firefighters and police. These laws, also techniques in nature, often make it easier to qualify for benefits. Limited benefits can be obtained even after the firefighter or police officer has retired. Mr. Mills has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of the injured firefighters and police in Nevada.