Gift of Magi Story In 2021| Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Gift of Magi Story In 2021| Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of Gift of Magi Story In 2021| Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Gift of Magi Story In 2021| Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The wise men once upon a time there was a small town in England where a couple of boyfriends James I was madly in love with the one of the other when he finished college James got a job as a typist in a newspaper company with a salary of fifty euros a month James was so excited that he decided to propose to Adela I’ve been in love with you since the first day I saw you and I want to be in love with you until the end of days I want to grow old with you, you want to marry me James grow old with you if that’s what I want to marry and so James and de las got married in a humble celebration James rented.

The couple was happy and content It seemed that their love only grew more

A flat furnished by eight euros a week and the couple was happy and content It seemed that their love only grew more and more each day things were going well until that one day the crisis came and James’s salary was reduced to forty euros and my love we’ll get through this don’t worry of course my love while I have you by my side there is nothing that can worry me and so husband and wife They lived a more humble life but earned enough to get to the end of the month soon came the good night the streets of London were covered of snow and the shops were decorated with lights and the houses with trees of Christmas just that day.

I check her bag to find out how much there was saved one euro and 85 86 87 cents that are all and tomorrow is Christmas I can do this not enough the couple had two things of which both were very proud an era of love from James that his father had given him and his father, once he had inherited it from his grandfather and the other, was cloth hair de la’s beautiful brown hair fell to below her knees and it was almost a garment for her and you have to do what you have to do she got up nervous and quickly a tear escaped her eyes from the wiped the tears from her face and putting on the old brown hat he walked out the door and down.

The stairs onto the street shortly after he stopped near a store in his state Excuse me, I would buy my hair why don’t you take off your hat and let me take a look at the took off the hat and smoothed his brown hair examining that mane with his hand expert the lady nodded approvingly twenty euros I accept For the next two hours I wander the streets of London looking for the perfect gift for James James finally found it it is surely made for James aJames one else was a keychain chain made of plain platinum and austere in design that accounted for its value for its austerity and not by mere ornamentation as they should all do the good stuff was even worth the watch Without thinking about it, he paid the 21 euros and went home with the 87 cents remaining.

What she thought if james James kill me before looking at me for the second time

At seven o’clock the coffee was done and the frying pan was on behind the stove hot and ready to cook the chops with lots of Patience had curled her hair and looked like a schoolgirl or so is what she thought if James James kills me before looking at me for the Second time she will say that I look like a choir girl but what could I do or what could do with only 87 cents suddenly he heard footsteps on the stairs and She turned white at times please God make me think that I am still pretty pleased the door opened and James James seemed to be quite serious when he saw Della he stood still his eyes were fixed on her and there was an expression in them that.


The Brave Girl Make This Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

She could not read and that terrified her immediately got up and went to the inss darling don’t look at me that way they cut me off hair and I blessed it because I could not have lived Christmas without giving you a gift it will grow back you know my hair will grow fast but James did not respond and just merry Christmas games and let’s be happy you can’t imagine what a precious gift I have bought for you these days you have cut the hair if I have cut and sold you do not like me anyway it is me without my hair Well that’s how James looked at her with a serious face don’t get me wrong from him I don’t think there is a haircut or a shave a shampoo that.

I can do that I like is less but if you unwrap this package You can understand why I was so surprised that he broke the wrapping and when he opened the box he let out a cry of joy but his joy was short-lived because The gift was a set of small and large combs that she had wanted for long long beautiful combs made with turtle shells and with encrusted jewels were very expensive and her heart craved them and longed for them but without the slightest hope of possessing them and now they were yours but the braids that should have enjoyed the coveted ornaments they had disappeared she hugged James tightly and looked up with watery eyes and a smile my hair grows very fast James and then.

I scream x you still haven’t seen your beautiful gift and eagerly placed

I jump like a kitty scorched and I scream x you still haven’t seen your beautiful gift and eagerly placed it in the palm of his hand one is cute James James whole city to find him now you will have what to look at when investing a real goal a day I want to pretend that I came in Instead of doing that, James dropped onto the couch, raised his hands to the nape and smile from him let us keep our gifts from christmChristmast’s save it for another day they are too pretty to use now you mean I sold my watch to buy your combs the silence was made in the room until James same again what do you think.

If we eat the chops ran to him hugged him with strength James hugged him back I love you so much to James I love you plus magicians as you know were men Wise Men Incredibly Wise Who Bring Gifts to Baby Jesus’ they invented the art of giving Christmas gifts being wise their gifts were undoubtedly also wise but the story of this couple who lived in an apartment in London and that they sacrificed the greatest treasures of his house are theists of all without a doubt they are magicians.

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