Exit flowers, chocolates or watches … This year, we put on originality to please our parents. What if we offered them a tattoo?

Did you know? In 2017, 60% of French people gave a gift to their mothers, compared with only 43% for dads. On average, we spend about 50 euros to spoil our parents.

From the bouquet of flowers to the box of chocolates or the day at the spa … it’s the intention that counts. But in 2019, let us try a really original gift: the tattoo.

14% of the French Population is Tattooed:

This trend attracts thousands of people each year: seven million French people are tattooed, or 14% of the population. And according to a study conducted for the National Union of Tattoo Artists (SNAT): 16% of women wear a tattoo against 10% of men.

A meteoric evolution: they were only 9% in 2010!

Attention, however, the tattoo does not please everyone … Do not hesitate to test the ground and probe the desires of your loved ones before offering them this unique gift.

Wolves and Roses:

If the French are more and more to wear tattoos, many are very discreetly: 67% of them say choose a place to see for their first tattoo.

Among the most popular sites: behind the ear, on the side of the breast or neck, along the spine and under the buttocks.

Side reasons, we forget the Chinese characters and stars … In 2019, the trend is micro-tattooing, especially for women. Flowers, especially roses, are among the must-haves according to the statistics recorded by the Pinterest website.

The minimalist style is displayed on all the skins: some black dots or a simple line delicately inked on a finger. Exhibiting his globe-trotter side and his love of travel is also fashionable with, for example, a plane or a map of the world in a mini version.

According to Pinterest statistics, men, they, appreciate the animal motifs: research on tattoos of wolves and lions are still very numerous.

For all Tastes and Styles:

Whether minimalist or exuberant, tattoos reflect the personality of those who wear them. There is something for everyone and you are spoiled for choice with more than 5,000 tattoo artists and as many different styles in France.

Side price, the average cost is 75 € / hour. Count at least 50 euros for a small tattoo and 100 euros for a tattoo of average size.

Finally, if the indelible side of the tattoo can scare your parents, the big trend is also to semi-permanent tattoos and body paints!