A Flowering Tree Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

A Flowering Tree Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

Introduction Of A Flowering Tree Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales

A Flowering Tree Story | Gift Nate Fairy Tales. The flowering tree some material from this video might not be suitable for children under 13 years old far far away in the kingdom of Palia lived a king who had two sons, a sima daughter, and a bear son in the same kingdom lived leads flour and her two daughters Jasmine and Zahara Salina did all kinds of jobs to make ends meet from scrubbing floors to cooking for other townspeople this saddened her daughters who decided to help her I already know how to surprise a mother who has happened we will go out to the garden I will need two Charles full of water the witch to the one.

Who worked was very happy with my work and gave me a poem

Who worked was very happy with my work and gave me a poem I am delighted to recite it, you pour a jug on top of me and I will become a aromatic flowering tree plucks those flowers carefully without break a leaf or a sprout then you put the second jug on me and I’ll become a wonderful human again but we can’t say how we got the money or he was mad they went out into the garden with two jugs and two empty baskets sahara sat down and began to chant the magic words and the sweet fragrance of flowers will flow as the tree will transform me and grow Jasmine made the first jug on her sister and immediately transformed into a tree full of flowers.

That gave off a great aroma throughout the garden Jasmine carefully and gently plucked the flowers and the two tracks were filled right away should be enough to get you a good deal of money today. the money took out the second jug and threw it on top of the tree transformed into a human where we should sell those flowers because you don’t go to palace gates maybe you will find someone who pays well these beautiful flowers or a great idea Sahara brought the flower baskets to the doors of the palace and started screaming flowers buy scented flowers just then the princess sima gave it from the window she ran excitedly next to her mother And those flowers out.

There look lovely please buy me the la Queen accepted and ordered the guards to call the flower girl they saw the beautiful flowers and the sweet scent of flowers filled the room how much you want for these beautiful flowers your majesty I will accept what you decide because we are very poor the queen gave a bag of gold coins so far I was euphoric, thank you very much, my queen, now he went quickly home and showed his sister the bag of coins jasmine looked at him amazed and excited but we shouldn’t tell her yet mother if the following days they sold the flowers in the palace and gathered three sacks of gold coins while the prince pair was curious about.

The origin of those flowers he asked me where will those flowers

The origin of those flowers he asked me where will those flowers come from i’ve never seen them before smell also then I call acquamar faithful minister of his father and the one who I was very close take yes sir what colors are those and where does a girl all come from days with those flowers that your sister loves seriously I would like to know where he gets them where he lives with marc gave bear the address of the house of the girl with the flowers the next day bear went to the house where he saw the two sisters in the garden he saw how sarah was transformed into the flowering tree and jasmine plucked the flowers until they transformed another time in a human.

What a wonder and it is so beautiful captivated by its beauty and aromatic flowers Villar returned to the palace where he told Kumar what he saw is incredible as they are I don’t know what to do to him He told how he transformed into a tree and recovered the beautiful human form. He blushed when he spoke, what is this feeling? It is love, it does not seem like I love Villar seeing him in love he was bear of the girl Omar went to tell the king everything he was delighted to know that his son He was in love and that his mother was going to appear before the King Mrs. Salina we summon to eat with the king tomorrow in the hall of the royal palace would like talk about her daughter the flower girl saying this she left leaving the surprised and surprised mother to follow the sea.


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That you have been doing because the king quotes me and what is that about the flower girl, what’s going on here, tell me about it the thing is now they were scared they told him everything and taught him how to use could be transformed into a tree and the bags of gold coins that had saved how can you do something like this while I’m still alive and sorry Madrid we just want to help you the next day is flour went to the royal palace hall When he entered the hall he saw the king and queen sitting at the table full of food of the most varied good afternoon, your majesty, may I serve you our son has fallen in love with your daughter Sara and wishes to marry her please accept this vettel walnut leaf as a symbol of your commitment this flour was relieved to know the reason for his appearance and smiled the.

I am a poor woman and it will be an honor wonderful state

I humbly accept sir because I am a poor woman and it will be an honor wonderful state decided the wedding will be held immediately there was a grandiose wedding and the two families were overjoyed at the marriage of biar and Sara after the wedding the couple returned to the palace now that you are my wife I want you to do something for me what do you want me to do I want you to become the beautiful flowering tree and let its fragrance permeate all the castle that you must not hide it I have seen you turn into a tree with my own eyes for who would do it if not for your husband He explained to the Sahara that he needed to do it and the two went out to the palace gardens with two jugs of water and chirping did what he told him he did several days and the princess.

Who saw him from her window was jealous they wear those beautiful flowers every day and never share anything with me I must do something the next day if he went to talk to his mother who was with via and He said yes mother allows it I will not refuse yes of course but take care of her and bring the healthy home thanks Sahara went to the garden with a chasm and her friends wanted to show off before her friends how Sahara could become a tree she approached Sahara and she said Sarah you can become a tree true what nonsense I am human not one magical creature do not lie I have seen you many times because you do not do it for us you are very selfish.

I have made a mistake by coming here with you Sahara I accept with sadness the princess demands explained to the princess the whole method of what he had to do and one of the girls brought two jugs of water from the stream to remember to carefully pluck the flowers and not break no sprout or tear any leaf said this sat down and one of the girls he carelessly poured a jug of water over it Ivan and just then it started to rain a lot and there was thunder and lightning in heaven the girls ignored what he had told them and broke the buds and branches hastily plucking flowers and his face poured water out of the jug at random and they ran home the careless behavior of the girls and gave Sahara that he had bruises and wounds on the limbs causing a limp with every step scared and hurt by what.

We all arrived alone and well home, do not tell me

She had done to her, she ran back to her mother limping while walking while seeing that if many will return with Sahara the queen was furious where are you now who knows we all arrived alone and well home, do not tell me what we will tell you, I was worried and scared about what I would say to the prince the queen tried to find out what she had done, tell me what happened the queen tried to take information away by all means but to no avail at sunset Sahara had gotten get home to a cotton merchant who kindly took her home Thank you very much, sir, the pleasure is mine lady your mother broke her heart upon seeing his daughter full of wounds and immediately took her inside about.

The house or little one that has happened to you, Sara told him to her mother everything that had happened and how the princess had abandoned her calm down you don’t have to go back to that horrible castle again her mother healed carefully the wounds and cared for her the following days in the castle The prince waited days for him to return and decided to go out alone in search of him I need to find my princess and bring her home again go my son and take my men they will help you expand the search area the prince and his men rode through the kingdom in search of the princess they searched everywhere parts until they got home you were here.

I have searched everywhere why you are here you do not know

I was so worried I have searched everywhere why you are here you do not know what he has done your sister my daughter did not know what had done that to her please forgive me I’ll make sure my sister pays for this my love please come back to the palace with me she is scared and afraid that he will hurt her again she will not be accepted as a princess and that they call her lame in the kingdom no it does not matter I love her for how It is and I will always love it, I will only go with you on one condition, you will not do anything to Siste

I have forgiven her for sure Sahara returned to the castle where the queen was delighted to see the princess back Sara please forgive me I shouldn’t have plucked the flowers I was one stupid did not want to hurt you quiet and so bear and Sahara ruled happily the kingdom of police and the princess was loved by the inhabitants of the kingdom especially bear who accepted her despite her disability and love her and treatment with equality.

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