Fathers need not only worry about their children, but also love and respect mothers, only in this way will the family be serene and happy.

The role of the father is in constant change and evolution compared to the past, but his main task remains, first of all to love and respect his partner and mother of his children.

A solid and healthy relationship, full of love, between parents allows to create a climate of serenity in the family and children will benefit from it, who are very sensitive, for better or for worse, to the atmosphere that surrounds them.
Inside the home there should be a relaxed atmosphere of love, because it is the place where we all rest , recharge our energies and as children we learn to relate to the outside world.

A father who loves and respects his partner, teaches his sons to put himself in that way, so they themselves, once they have a relationship they will be more inclined to behave respectfully towards women and to seek an authentic relationship , while the daughters will look for a man who treats them as they deserve.

The author of this sentence “The most beautiful gift of a father to his children is to love their mother”, Fabio Volo , wanted to emphasize in a dedication to his partner and mother of his children, how the couple’s relationship is important in a report.

It is essential to remember to show your love on every occasion, even through small daily attentions, in addition to helping your partner when she needs a helping hand. By now the stereotype of the woman who has to take care of household chores and children, while the man is working, is outdated. If the father loves his partner and his children and for this he helps her in the management of the house, he does not lose his “virility” and must not be considered less a man, indeed he assumes his role with responsibility.

Moreover, it often happens that with motherhood the couple takes second place, so it can also be useful for family harmony and the intimacy of a couple, giving oneself the moments alone , without children, dedicated to romance. Often this attitude is considered selfish and you may seem to have abandoned your children, while you do it for them too: if the parents are happy, the children will be happy too.

Love also manifests itself through respect for the partner’s opinions , and women must also be free to choose independently, both in terms of motherhood and in terms of career choices and all consequent choices , without wanting to suffocate or criticize it excessively.

Parents should always be a team and in order to function they should be united first of all by mutual love and then, of course, by love for their children.